Carnatic music (2 of 2) -Reply

Mohan Parigi (parigim@STATE.MI.US)
Thu, 16 May 1996 14:32:07 -0400

Vissa's two part series on music, I am sure,
would evoke curiosity in many souls.

As a critique, I think including
ka-Ta-pa-yaadi formula to derive mELakarta
number and thereby the swaras, would have
been interesting to the math-oriented
readers and also would have made connection
to telusa charter,i.e., telugu letters.

Also, this mELakarta raaga scheme is like
a state-transition table. If you know
one raga, you can get to the other by
making as many transitions as the
difference between the raga numbers.

Thanks for providing a ready list of
janya raagas.

Madan Mohan