Re: An evening with 'bApu'
Thu, 16 May 1996 19:47:54 -0400 (EDT)

A lot has been said about baapu's mita bhaashitvam in the last couple of
days. It is true that he does not say much (anything) in a large
gathering, especially ones as large and formalas TAGDV or TANA. It seems
to me that is due to his shyness and embarassment, and not due to
aloofness or arrogance.

However, he is extremely charming and witty when he is in an informal
setting. At TANA, many people who attended the 'face to face meeting with
Bapu' (particularly those that attended the second one) told me that
they enjoyed his pithy, but witty, responses.

One other thing that stands out about him is his modesty. Despite being
the most well known contemporary Telugu artist, he does not think much of
his own abilities as an artist, and is visibly embarassed whenever
anybody starts to tell him how great they think he is. On the other hand,
he is quick to praise many other artists, and his face lights up when he
starts talking about the artists, writers, film makers and other people he

Not much has been said about the exhibition of Bapu's works at the TAGDV
function. Several of his recent works - the story board drawings for
planned TV serials on hanumaan and bhaagavatham, the tiruppaavai series,
and the bhaagavatham series for udayam Sunday supplement - were displayed
as were some old favorites. Of particular interest for me were the recent
pictures drawn for the kathaa_prabha series of the weekly aandhra prabha.
Besides some stunning pictures (like the one for madhuraanthakam's
konDaareDDi kooturu), the controversial picture he drew for vEmoori's
panTikinda pOkacekka was also there. It was really thrilling to look at
that resplndently colorful display in that room. My personal favorite? A
5x7" storyboard drawing depicting raasa_leela that I do not have adequate
words to describe.

Regards --- V. Chowdary Jampala