Re: Weekend Thoughts! - Death of a monther Tongue

Rao Palaka (
Fri, 17 May 1996 22:31:15 -0500

PALANA wrote:
> Being a strong proponent for the revival of mAmDalika Telugu, I would
> for the creation of mAmDalika Telugu dictionaries and thesaurus. This
is a
> Herculian project and not easy at all, at least for us who are here.

In my opinion, good works of fiction (especially novels) written in these
_maanDalikaalu_ can do more good than a dozen dictionaries and thesauri put
together. It is difficult to keep people's interest in a _maanDalikam_
alive by publishing dictionaries and thesauri. For example, your (PALANA's)
"conversational pieces in Ganjam telugu" were much more effective in
teaching/reminding me some of that _maanDalikam_, than a list of words (with
meanings) used in these pieces would have been. Similarly, I believe, the
novels /stories of Naamini Subrahmanyam Naidu would teach one more of
"tirapti telugu" than would a dictionary with the same number of words.
And, they do it while thoroughly entertaining the reader. I can't think of
a better way to keep a _maanDalikam_ alive. If you want one more example, I
would mention K.N.Y. Patanjali's novels which familiarize one with another
equally delightful _maanDalikam_. So, what is my point? Anybody interested
in preserving a language should use it in her writings; the more popular the
writings are, the closer you get to your goal.

- rao