A small request

Madhava Kumar Turumella (madhava@giasbm01.vsnl.net.in)
Sat, 18 May 96 12:41:27 GMT


I have recently participated in a debate in Gemini TV, organised
by Sri Gollapudi Maruti Rao. During discussion I have quoted
Sri Krishna Sastry's poem :

sAgaramunEla cEru sAgETi sarassu
caMdrikalanEla vedajallu caMdamAma
Ela salilaMbu pAru gADpEla visaru
Ela nA hRUdayaMbu prEmiMcu ninnu?

After the show veteran writer Turaga Jaya Syamala, who is also
a participant in the discussion told me that it is a translation
of a famous English poem. I remember hearing the same once. But
I am not sure who has written it. Can some one tell me what is the
English poem, that was translated into Telugu by Krishna Sastrygi?


PS : I learned from Sri Gollapudi that Gemini TV is accessible in 32 countries.
If you want to watch the show please watch every sunday ( for 5 sundays)
at 11AM (Indian Time) or Thursday night 11PM (Indian Time).