Re: Modern Indian Novels in Translation -Reply -Reply

Mohan Parigi (parigim@STATE.MI.US)
Wed, 22 May 1996 10:52:37 -0400

Kanaka Prasad wrote:

>Translations happen when enterprising chaps (like
>our own Kalasapudi, Nasy, Pillalamarri, PVG and
>VCJ) 'assign' things to people and set deadlines.
>Mohan and Mohan Can we make this happen?


I have translated one tilak story and one koku
story. And we are aware of translations by many
others sitting in their personal folders.

I have a feeling that we already may have enough
short story translation material to be able to
take up publishing a compilation.

I suggest we take it up now off the net to work
out the details like defining an objective,
assembling the group, shortlisting, etc.

madan mohan