Re: Weekend Thoughts! - Death of a monther Tongue -Reply

Mohan Parigi (parigim@STATE.MI.US)
Thu, 23 May 1996 12:02:46 -0400

Sreenivas Paruchuri wrote:

>Presently we know very little to nothing about
>pre-nannaya period. Perhaps we may know more
>about pre-nannaya period in future. I still have
>hopes. As seetaaraamayya gaaru said one problem
>is lack of funding.

I once came across a book called "alabdha
va~mayamu", listing many books as yet
undiscovered. Sorry, dont remember the author's

>I indeed find Telugu directors who captured the
>essence of Telugu land. Unfortunately the names
>gooDavalli, taapee caaNakya, Tilak, narasinga
>raavu et al are forgotten.

I agree. I have a proposition to those who are
hesitant to include telugu directors into world
directors list.

And that is, to come up with a list of 50 great
movies (All languages, not just english !). And I
will propose a telugu film to be added to that
list. You tell me why not. We can debate.

Telugu Film does have some good directors.

madan mohan