"bApurE bApu !! O buDugu vinnapam..:-)"

Ramabhadra Dokka (sdokka@st6000.sct.edu)
Wed, 29 May 1996 09:49:59 -0400 (EDT)

The literary evening with bApu held in Atlanta on 23-May-96 went on very
well and we succeeded in listening to more than the usual 'renDu mukkalu'
from SrI bApu. There were some renderings of kavitalu, kathalu and gEyAlu
to regale the audience. A sizeable group of about 60 people who attended
the function and the second meet of the telugu literary group, 'sAhitI
sadassu', chatted with bApu.

The event was headed by SrI PemmarAju vENugOpAla rAo who painted several
'pada citrAlu' while compering the show. SrIyutulu mEkA rAmA rAo, vishwanAth
vaDlamAni, pillalamarri rAmakRshNa, pUrNa candra, prasAd calasAni,
Smt pUDipeddi SEshu Sarma and Chy. PaNi Dokka were among those who presented
their writings.

The following 'akshara guccham' was presented to bApu, by this buDugu --


"bApurE bApu - O buDugu vinnapam"
____________ __________________

nAlgu gItalu gIsi, navvinci, kavvinci,
hAsya sarasAyanamu nekkinci, pokkinci,
nAlAnTi buDugulani urrUtalUpu.. bApurE bApu..!!

renDu jeLLa sIta, lAvupATi pinni,
bAbAyi mari bAmma, muguDu, bommAyilaku,
privETu gAThigA ceppe kA sEpu, bApurE bApu..!!

muLLapUDi jatanu mutyAla sarulu,
aTTA mIdi bommalenni allarlu,
konTe telugu cUpu lekkincu kaipu, bApurE bApu..!!

telugu jIvana gatini kAci vaDa bOsi,
rangavallulu diddi, yekkince teraku,
bahu manci citrAla bal-pAli kApu, bApurE bApu..!!

kArTyUnulE kaTTi kathalanu tA jeppi,
sinI mAya lenniTino, reviewlalO vippi,
kAlAnni SAsinci kadilince tana vaipu, bApurE bApu..!!

oka sAri trAgavOy, mana bApu-sUpu,
kErinta, luDikinta, lUrintalE rEpu,
pulakinta, giliginta, cEtaite Apu, bApurE bApu..!!

tallaDillE vELa, tana 'cEti' pani cUpi,
tabbibbu cEsEnu, taDava taDavakunu,
manamunUyAlalUpu, konni taramula sEpu, bApurE bApu..!!

vEdAntamundi A cilipi gItallO,
gunDelanu kadilincu cimpi rAtallO (bApu fonts),
gItAcAryuDive kada mahA bApU, bApurE bApU..!!

cinna lAguto nannu citrinci nandulaku,
cinna krAPu tOTi Sikshinci nandulaku,
aksharampu mAla kakshatO vEtu, bApurE bApu..!!


While chatting with bApu, he had to speak more than his usual 'two words',
since most of us who were present there knew about his 'mita BAshitwam'
apriori. Thanks to all of those friends for sending their suggestions and
their experiences of meeting with 'bApu' at other gatherings. Apart from
the usual press-box queries like "who is your favourite ***** ??? and
who introduced you to movies ??" and "who is your inspiration" kind of
questions, there were some which were more informative.

BApu, it seems, likes the 'rAmuDu' character very much. After hearing this,
I recollected the 'sItAkaLyANam' movie which I was watching a couple of
weekends back with surEsh kolicAla in Austin. I am sure many telugu people
loved the way of his mytho'logical' portrayal blended with good music and
sAhityam from KV MahadEvan and Arudra et al. in this movie. It sure is
- mytho'logical' - with songs like 'cempaku cAreDu kannulu ayitE eTlAgammA
mUsEdi, dAgina vArini vedukadu sIta - eTlAgammA ADEdi ??' while addressing
sIta playing with her 'celi kattelu' - clearly indicating that sIta is not
interested in the play as she is completely indulged in the 'hari cintana'.

bApu also informed us about his latest gift to telugu people and telugu BAsha
- behold - a tele series on 'pOtana BAgavatamu' - made in the bApu-ramaNa way.
Hope this again will be a magnanimous effort from this duo, that would be
preserved for generations by generations of telugu admirers. When queried on
who wrote the story/screen play for this, bApu upheld his sense of humor
saying it was 'pOtana' who did a fantastic job. 'puhaLEndi', K.V.MahadEvan's
assistant music director for most of his movies is scoring for this tele-
serial, it seems. Let's reserve our copies now for the video cassettes..:-)
bApu also informed us about his 'tiruppAvai' project.

There were some 'buDugu' exchanges and an exhibition of bApu's original
paintings. I was again struck spell bound at the 'vAmanAvatAram' painting
for the umpteenth time. That was the first time I ever had a closer look
at his originals and it sure made me wonder how he preserved all of them
so neatly, even after all this travel etc.. Our engineering drawing sheets
used to look like the torn out 'sports sections' of a news paper just in
a couple of days, sometimes even before we submit them to the instructor
in our Engg...:-)

The 'sAhitI sadassu', TAMA and IACA thank everyone who attended the
function and supported it all through and I certainly hope that you all
enjoyed the event, at least as much as I did.


- Ram (Ramabhadra Dokka from sdokka@st6000.sct.edu)