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B. Akki Raju (
Sat, 1 Jun 1996 00:38:58 +0000 (CUT)

On Fri, 31 May 1996, Ramakrishna S. Pillalamarri wrote:
> About sumatee Satakam, kumAree Satakam, vEmana Satakam, ... I have some
> reservations, stronger for some than for others.
> Many of these Satakas contain a few rather objectionable comparisons,
> examples, such... Sometime recently I read a few verses of kumAree Satakam,

I agree with Ramakrishna garu that there are some
objectionable statements in these satakams. One that
struks me immediately is

Pindamulan cesi pitarula talaposi
kakulakunu pettu gaadde (gadida) laara,
penta tinedu kaaki pitaru detlayera ?
viswadabhi rama, vinura vema.
(I mignt have messed up the order of this poem... but
the content I am sure... the same.  Personally this is
not objectionable to me, Infact this fits into my beliefs).

Sure that there will be people (at all the times) to oppose this, since this is a far fetched aggression against the well established custom. BUT, I do not agree with Ramakrishna garu for making this a reason for not having home pages for these satakas. Many things may not be relevant today. But we have to carry these things to the next generation. Today it is internet tomorrow something else. We got to take all of our lit along with us. Everyone has to be open for the other ideologies to be present in this. We see in Ganapati (Chilakamarti ??), Brahmanikam (Chalam), Maidanam(Chalam) etc., very many comments that hurt (if taken litterelly) a perticular community. We should try to understand that these comments are on the practices and their social impacts.

Once we understand this we (mostly) will not find anything objectionable.

I am sure that its not going to become a serious issue just for the fact that nothing has been hapening now though they are present in the form of books.

Regards, Akkiraju

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