Re: Rule for sunna in transliteration

sadananda (
Tue, 1 Oct 1996 08:00:06 -0400

Sri Ramana wrote:
>In the middle of the word:
>        m followed by     p P b B l L s S h H
>        n followed by     k K g G c C j J T D t d
>Think about it and let me know.

Sounds logical

m list may also include ya, ra, va as well unless n comes as vottu - for
example samvit - samyami or samyukta - (cannot think of a word with
anuswara before r-kaara) -For these letters use of n-kaara may become vattu
like in kanya.- but there is word as kaamya with m -y are samyukta akshara.

All letter upto pa-varga with n and the remaining with m sound good partition.

Except ksha may come under k-varga - kanksha rather than kamksha

 - also n can follow n and m and like wise m can follow m and n - as vattu
without any confusion - kannu, camma, unmiilanam, tanmayuDu - without
having them replaced by anuswara.

I cannot think of any violations for your suggestions.

Hari Om!