tenugIkaraNa and computers to MLAs

Ramabhadra Dokka (sdokka@st6000.sct.edu)
Wed, 2 Oct 1996 10:57:08 -0400 (EDT)

Recently, some information had been circling around on the 'tenugIkaraNa'
attempts of the computer jargon by C.M. of A.P., for the benefit of those
M.L.A.s getting computers. Extending the same philosophy, p'bably, the
Govt. should consider the following propositions also --

1. An 800 line for the benefit of those MLAs who want to know about the
   preparation of gOngUra paccaDi - 1-800-GONGURA

2. A web site for those MLAs who want to learn about 'how to make vankAya 
   pacci pulusu' - www.paccipulusu.com

3. A VISA/master card for those MLAs who practise and support the State level 
   kOti kommaccula competition in the assembly hall - kommach VISA

4. An exclusive server and an internet relay chat site for those MLAs who 
   want to discuss the intricacies of tokkuDu biLLa at large - irc-tb 

5. several usenet groups catering to various needs of MLAs --

	(Unmoderated )

	alt.politics.dirty.new    -- for beginners
	alt.politics.dirty.exp    -- for the experienced 
	misc.assembly.tannukOvaDam - for those MLAs who think that assembly is
				     a wrestler's paradise
	soc.culture.mla.language  -- for those BAshApravINa MLA-lu 
	mla.language.tiTlu	  -- Special discussion on the latest and 
				     not so new tiTlu and bUtulu
				     (We can also have a MLA of the month who
				     comes up with the most harsh bUtu/tiTTu
				     of the month)
	mla.language.multi  	  -- For those who are adept at creating/using
				     bUtulu in more than one language
	(Auto Moderated)

	soc.announce.ruling.party -- for self-DabbA of the ruling party
	soc.oppose.everything	  -- for the opposition party who opposes
				     everything as long as it is out of POWER
	soc.whitepaper.gov	  -- for publishing govt. stuff

	(self moderated)
	self.culture.mla	  -- Wish this group proposed for the 
				     self-improvement of MLAs gets atleast 
				     some, if not a lot of attention

Now that our 'prajA pratinidhulu' are given computers, will they start 
accusing each other on the internet ?? assembly lO tannukonTE Andhrula
paruvu bazArukE ekkutundi, ikapai cyber space lO electronic gA mana 
Ganata cATi cebutArEmO vIru..

I think along with these computers, our MLAs should also be given okaTava
taragati pustakAlu, some nIti SatakAlu, suBAshitAlu etc.. Let's give them
what they need along with what they want...:-)

These are just some proposals. Now, Are we ready with RFDs ???:-)


- Ram (Ramabhadra Dokka from sdokka@st6000.sct.edu)