Re : More on KoyyaKallu

Nyayapathi Srinivasa Rao (
Thu, 17 Oct 96 10:27:03 IST

Bachoti Sridhara Rao says

> > I read the poem in the weekly jyoti and it moved me so much that
> > i could not say a thing that night or eat a grain. Also i know
> > many people wept when the poet recited this poem!
> etc.

        yes. that was what happened on the day i read it
        in andhra jyoti. later ofcourse i read all he
        published. He gave me copies of all he published.

> If you praise the poem so much,it would be difficult for a some folks
> to hurt your feeling if they have to. In other words, it would be difficult
> to be objective. The work speaks for itself.

        i said that i will post that the ones that i like.
        naturally i praise them a bit. 
        what? difficult for others to hurt.........?
        after all i posted the poem! isn't that enough?
        why should critics bother about my PS and ++ ?

> Is Dr. Sikhamani a popular poet or a poet with unusual skill? Is this poem
> representative of
> his best works? You said muvvalachEtikarra was remembered but  hOrugaali was a
> disappointment.
        sorry, i'm no accomplished critic to say which of
        his poems is the best sofar! he is well known!
        i don't know how 'popular' he is.

        by the way, the names of the introducers should tell
        you that he was accepted among 'the serious circles'.


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