Re: Story of Ekalavya - Re : satIsh cander's pancama vEdam - response from a friend..

Nasy Sankagiri (
Wed, 30 Oct 1996 18:03:10 -0500 (EST)

Hello all,

Glad to see such a dynamic discussion on Sri Satish Chander's poem.
Bapa Rao's commentary was fine as was Ram Dokka's initial response to the
poem (though I may not agree with either). However, I am afraid, the recent
replies from Ram and Madhava border on frivolity.

In the story 'aarti', kaaLeepaTnam rAmArao writes something like this:
"Every section of the society has its own problems, the rich and the poor,
the upper castes and the lower; however, it is nearly impossible for one
section to understand the severity of problems faced by any other section -
they can't even imagine them to be problems".

This statement explains the sort of attitude displayed by some of our
nettors during this discussion.
As previliged people, we are willing to sympathise with those weaker than
us - we might even lend a helping hand from time to time. However, when
those weak people want the same previleges as we have, then it is a strict
no - no! That is the kind of oppression Satish Chander is talking about.
'koku' wrote a wonderful 'galpika' on this topic - I think Ananda Kishore's
translation is available at the BGSU telugu website.

Coming to the recent remarks from Ram and Madhava, I guess it is they who
are missing the point, not the poet. The poem is not about what is written
in mahABAratam, not about socio-political situations in BArata time, not
whether drONa was right or wrong. The poem is about what happended very
recently, what is still happening today. The image (symbolism or whatever)
of Ekalavya and his thumb (or the lack thereof) is used to enhance that
message - that's all. As regards to the facts of Ekalavya's story as told
by vyAsa, I frankly don't think the poet gives a damn, and neither do I as
a reader.