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Wed, 30 Oct 96 17:40:58 CST


On behalf of Sree Madhava Sree Ramabhadra Dokka Posts:
     (Deleted introductory stuff on the character of Satish Chander)
"--- BTW, Does anyone care for the truth of which thumb was amputated _ It
is NOT the right thumb as per popular belief, it is the other and that 
is the reason Ekalavya could participate in the BArata war. People who 
want to know the truth may check the references once again. Here is the 
true story for those who care for facts ---"

I would like to reproduce below from my original post, titled, 
Transformation of Epic Symbols in Modern Poetry, (Oct. 24, 1996),
portions that may be relevant to the above statement:

.... His(SC) poem, paMcama vEdaM must be read in juxataposition to
 nannya's piece from the mahaa bhaarata about Ekalavya. 
nannya tells the entire story of Ekalavya in eleven poems and five 
small prose pieces. 

(--cut cut--  parts of Ekalavya's story as paraphrased by me!--cut cut--) 
     ka. nemmini nee dakshiNa ha
         stammuna penu vrElu dunimi dakshiNa immi
         ^^^^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^ 
         sTammidi naa kanavuDu vina
         yammuna vaaDicce daani naacaaryunakun
     tE: dakshiNaMgusthamicci daana jEsi
         baaNa saMdhaana laaghava bhaMgamayina 
         neruku viluvidya kalimiki heenuDayye 
         paarthunaku manOrujayunu baase naMta

The above two poems are from Sree MadaMdhra MahaaBhaarataM, aadi parvaM,
paMcama aSvaasaM. These were attributed to nannaya and I do not have the 
temerity to find fault with him. If I understand telugu correctly,
the severed finger is the right thumb!

Again, my knowledge of the sanskrit language is anywhere between zero and 
nothing, and hence, I can not quote with any authority from the vyaasa 
mahaabhaarata. My apologies!! 

( -- cut-- the arguments from dhanurvEda, the poetry following it,
 and the rest of the assesment of Satish Chander there of -- cut--)
"---And coming to my views on Mr.satIsh candra's poem --
     I do not consider this as a poem from the subjective point of view.---"
I was under the impression that we wanted every criticism at an 'academic' 
level; not at a subjective level!
"- mAdhava ---"


Venkateswara Rao Veluri