Re: Story of Ekalavya - Re : satIsh cander's pancama vEdam - response from a friend..
Wed, 30 Oct 1996 19:17:35 -0500

 The poem is not about what is written
>in mahABAratam, not about socio-political situations in BArata time, not
>whether drONa was right or wrong. The poem is about what happended very
>recently, what is still happening today. The image (symbolism or whatever)
>of Ekalavya and his thumb (or the lack thereof) is used to enhance that
>message - that's all. As regards to the facts of Ekalavya's story as told
>by vyAsa, I frankly don't think the poet gives a damn, and neither do I as
>a reader.

Nasy hit it right on the money.  The relevance of Ekalavya in this poem is
only symbolic.  I think many of us agree about what the distilled essence of
Ekalavya's story means today: the gratitude of a talented young man from an
underprevileged class was exploited by his guru in such a way that he loses
his talent forever.  Drona considered Ekalavya's talent a threat to his
favourite student.  Dr. Veluri rightly points out how such symbols from our
mythology can be skillfully used to make a point about today's experiences.

Kanaka Prasad