Re: HMV cassette Sheer Music - Ghantasala astapadhis and misc.

Sreenivas Paruchuri (
Sat, 17 Aug 1996 15:14:14 +0200 (MET DST)

>> Sridhar Basavaraju wrote:

OK, here I am, little earlier than earlier announced (but only for a very
short while) :-).

> is all coming back to me.  By the way, I think it wasSreenivas who
> recently mentioned Relangi's emotional life?  Perhaps we could discuss
> this at least in brief.  I am  a little curious as to the actor'sstory.

I am sure some one or the other in the group has Bapu-Ramana's book _baapu
ramaNeeyam_. Please post some excerpts from it! He hails from East Godavari
Dt., who tsrated his career as "hari kathakuDu" and Harmonium player. Later
he joined ganDikOTa jagannaatham, a legendary figure and a well known
comedian of yester years. It were these people (also later leading film
personalities like; MD: aadinaaraayaNaraavu, actress anjali, SV rangaravu et
al were involved.) who started "Young mens' happy club" in kakinada. It was 
director C pullayya, who was the first to produce a film on Telugu soil way
back in '24, who brought him to film field. He had a chequered career till
mid-late 40s, before establishing himself as No 1 comdeian in Telugu film
Prasad (Chodavarapu) has already quoted about his early days when he had no 
money and had to walk 6-8 km to his residence (in Alwarpet) from Madras old
town. Even in Kakinada days he spent his days sleeping in temples or similar
places. One moving story (from his early days) for me is; he performing 
(all the) rites when poor (/shelter less) people died. 

Relangi is certainly better known as an extremeley kind-hearted man, feeding
poor at his house and donating generously for universities and people in

> G's debut film.  Why don't we try and discuss the history as to how he
> got his debut.  Was there an audition for the vocals, or was some
> producer impressed with his voice and gave him the role??  I really have
> never explored this topic more so than the short summarized version from
> Bhuvan Vijayam that my dad translated to me.  Hope to get some
> information soon.

Did n't we talk about this before, that it was samudraala Sr, the lyricist,
who brought him to Madras (well this is mentioned in bhuvana vijayam article
also!), and he used to sing in All India Radio, Madras. One story says that,
one day he was humming on the sets of Vahini studios and BN Reddy who heard
him was impressed and gave the first break. He was a part of the large chorus
singing in _seetaa raama jananam_ (1944). Well, all this was said before.

>> Rajasekhar Velamuri wrote:

> Ghantasala Venkateswara Rao - Astapadhis & Other Devotional Songs
> Side A:
> 1-4 The four astapadhis (1973)
> 5. Nee kondaku neeve (1970)
> 6. Venkanna Naamame (1961)
> 7. pUjalandavayya ganesha (1962)
> 8. namO venkaTEsa (1958)
It seems they are selling their old product by changing some songs on side B.
The best part is certainly that the years of recording were mentioned, and 
some info. was given about the singer.

> 1. Suklambaradharam & vaatapi (1957)
> 2. yedu kondalaswami (1958)
> 3. seshaadri sikharaana (1966)
> 4. tiruvenkaataadeesa (1966)
This were on a LP (devotional songs ...) before.

> 5. nannElava satya saibaba (1974) -- The only song I got for my collection
> 6. raghavendra suprabhatam (1973)
Have n't heard the first since long, and the later is unknown to me.

> to his millions of his fans, rendered over 10,000 songs during his career.
We really have to do something about this 10 000 number :-) Its very high.

> May be we can get some information and volunteer some songs list to them
> for production.
Wish they 'd really follow the suggestion!


P.S. Sridhar asked about G's relationship with Saibaba. As the person is
highly controversila, and I myself got flamed (for using the word: 
controversial) :-) for writing about him, I won't go in details. G's son
Vijaya Kumar in an article says that G had great faith in him (infact many
film stars of early 70s) and at his order  made plans to build a school for
music in Hyderabad etc. etc..

PPS: Rajasekhar! digging up a verrrrry old discussion, G did sing a song in
"ratnamala" (1946). Its a duet with bhaanumati. Still the no. of pre-1950 
songs remains below 25.