Re: Songs list -- Vol. 1
Tue, 22 Jul 1997 17:31:45 -0700


On Sat, 19 Jul 97, "Rajasekhar Velamuri" <> wrote:

>So, from onwards I will post songs from two or three films, totalling
>25 songs every week. Any list member who has any other song from these
>films or any other information about the songs like the writer, other singers
>or any titbits (s)he heard about the song can followup. I will keep track of 
>the number of songs. Please comment on this suggestion. The discussion
>can lead to other discussions, while this collection/listing of songs

I think this is a very good idea.  Please continue so that we all can
contribute if we can, and in any case, learn along the way.
>Movie:ArAdhana (1962); .) Music: sAluri rAjEswararAvu; Banner: Jagapati 

>3. inglishulOna mArEji hindilO ardhamu shAdi E bhAshalO (gA: ghantasAla, 
>jAnaki)(ra: ???)

This song is also by aarudra.