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	Song sung by a person fearless of death

	O traveller of yonder, come here for once

	You are travelling in the dark of the night
	And there is a typhoon raging in sight 

	Here is my abode, do come and rest
	At dawn we can travel again

	Tell me, where are you going, 
	And where are you from
	(With your arrival) 
	My wishes have been fulfilled
	Take me with you
			Translation of a song written by ghanTasAla

ghanTasAla venkaTESwara rAvu (more commonly called ghanTasAla) - an accomplished singer and music composer - reigned the Telugu cine music world for over two decades (from late 1940's to early 1970's). While doing so, he has moved the hearts of millions of music lovers. It was his melodious voice and unique way of renditioning songs and poems which captured the hearts of the millions. Its no overstatement that people have created a permanent place for him in the temple of their hearts.

This "page" is in his remembrance - in remembrance of his gift for music.

Genesis: This explains the origin of the ghanTasAla Fan Club on the Internet.

Ghantasala's Autobiography in Telugu: This is ghanTasAla's autobiography from the book "bhuvana vijayam". Thanks to SreenivAs parucUri and SrI Sankhavaram pANini for typing the autobiography in Telugu. And, thanks again to SreenivAs parucUri for obtaining permission from SrI V A K rangA rAvu for displaying it here.

Ghantasala Songs Database

Ghantasala Mailing List : This is a mailing list to discuss issues about ghanTasAla's music.

List of ghanTasAla songs: This is the list of ghanTasAla songs available in the songs database.

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To understand ghanTasAla (the musician) better one would have to "know" his music first. His songs are based on Indian Classical Music. The depth of his knowledge about Indian Classical Music can clearly be seen by listening to his songs (sung/composed by him). The best place to start in understanding his music is from within his music - exploring the innards of the music. The following links should take you to some very nice repositories of Indian Classical Music on the Internet.

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